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Budget Recipes from Homeless — Mailbox Muffins

“MAILBOX MUFFINS: Other Recipes from the Gulf Coast Homeless”

This charming book is about more than just cooking. It’s about courage, “moxie” and survival. A vivid picture of the experience of homelessness.

You have to just love people who make an oven out of a discarded mailbox. Muffin mix from food pantries is poured into discarded tuna fish cans. The mailbox is placed over a pit with burning coals. And voila!– Muffins. This book has their recipes, how they cook with the scrounged ingredients They make a life. I liked the recipes, such as “No-Bake Cookies”.

It focuses on real people such as Bobby & Jennifer Kelly. In 2005 they lived in a tent in the woods in the Gulf Coast area. Not having a radio, they didn’t know Hurricane Katrina was coming. They survived the storm hunkered down and hanging onto trees and clinging onto a nearby home’s porch.



Today, Bobby and Jennifer live in a modern, air-conditioned apartment in Gulfport’s Oregon Place, an apartment complex helping low-income people, where Bobby is working on his high school equivalency. He and Jennifer are making a new and better life. 

The proceeds from the book goes to support of “Oregon Place”. To view full article:



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