Above All Things on sale tomorrow – June 15, 2012


Order your copy today of Above All Things!


About the Book: 

Shari Johnson’s world turned upside down the night her 37-year-old daughter called and told her that she was gay. This just couldn’t be possible. Cholene had always been the hero-Air Force Academy graduate, second woman to fly the U-2 spy plane, captain for United Airlines – she cried, begged, pleaded with God to change Cholene, but he changed Shari instead. It seems that he was much more concerned about Shari’s lack of love than he was about Cholene’s homosexuality. This book is Shari’s personal story.

About the author: 

Shari Johnson’s book, Above All Things, was written as a result of her struggle as an evangelical Christian to come to terms with her daughter’s homosexuality. Through this sometimes gut-wrenching, sometimes humorous, but always honest account of her journey, her desire is to help reconcile families torn apart over this issue. From her example, she hopes that readers will “have more sense than I did.” Shari learned that grudging acceptance was not the same as embracing her daughter Cholene for who she is. She went from devastation to full-on joy when she finally grasped that the most important thing to God is love. It truly is above all things.

After ending a long career as a dental hygienist,Shari Johnson is pursuing her dream as a book editor and writer.


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