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Wives Who Kill Abusive Husbands – Barbara Sheehan on Anderson Cooper Today!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Wives Who Kill Abusive Husbands


Anderson speaks with Barbara Sheehan, the Queens resident who shot her retired cop husband 11 times with two guns. She was recently found not guilty of the fatal shooting, but faces five years in prison on a gun possession conviction, and is currently out on appeal.


For the first time, Barbara talks about enduring years of abuse, and shares what really happened that fateful morning.

Since the show…

Barbara’s attorneys have been working on her appeal. She says she’s grateful for all the support her family has received, but she’s still having trouble finding a job.

Check your local listings for show times.


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Jennifer Sheehan Was ‘Relieved’ When Mom Killed Dad

 By  (@ChristinaNg27)

July 17, 2012

When Jennifer Joyce Sheehan’s mother killed her father, she was relieved.

“He was such a monster in all of our lives,” Sheehan told “I was always so afraid that he was going to kill my mom. It’s such a relief that he’s gone.”

Barbara Sheehan killed her husband, retired New York police officer Raymond Sheehan, as he shaved in the bathroom on the morning of Feb. 18, 2008. She shot him 11 times after suffering years of violent abuse and threats from him.

“My mom would never hurt anybody,” Jennifer Sheehan said. “He [Raymond Sheehan] would say it all the time—that he was going to kill her, us, the rest of the family. If she didn’t protect herself, he would have not only killed her, but the rest of us, too.”

But after the relief wore off, Jennifer Sheehan, 26, and her brother Raymond Sheehan, 22, faced another terrifying reality—the possibility that they could lose their mother to life in prison for murder.

The siblings tell their mother’s story in their new book, “In Bed with the Badge: The Barbara Sheehan Story,” available today.

“We were stunned,” Raymond Sheehan writes in the book. “It all happened so fast that for a moment I lost my equilibrium. I felt as though I had been spun around a hundred times, then forced to stand still and walk.”

When the case went to trial in 2011, Jennifer and Raymond Sheehan stood by their mother and testified against their father.

The siblings are part of a long line of children who have watched their parents go through high-profile trials.

Just this year, the children of ex-Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, two-time presidential candidate John Edwards and legendary pitcher Roger Clemens have been subjected to the grueling and invasive ordeal of watching their fathers go through trials.

But what effect does the trial process have on these offspring, both young and older, especially in highly publicized and scrutinized cases?

“You have the parents undergoing a huge stressor and the child trying to cope with how that affects them and their world,” Dr. Alan Kazdin, a professor at the Yale University department of psychology, told “The fallout could be huge.”

The stress is the first thing Jennifer Sheehan recalls from her mother’s trial.

“Just being there for the short amount of time that I was, listening to closing arguments and a couple of people testifying, waiting for the jury’s decision—the anxiety is just through the roof,” she said. “There’s no way to describe it. You don’t even really have feelings. You’re so anxious, you’re so scared.”

Barbara Sheehan was charged with second-degree murder and two gun possession charges. She faced 25 years to life in prison, but was acquitted of murder and one of the gun charges. She could still face jail time for the second gun charge. Jennifer Sheehan was 25 years old during the trial in Queens, N.Y. and Raymond Sheehan was 22.

Jennifer Sheehan said that one of the most painful parts of the trial was being shocked by the lies she felt her father’s side of the family told in court.

She said that in the time leading up to her father’s death, her mother had told his family that things were really bad and that she needed their help. Jennifer Sheehan said her father’s family shut them out and testified in court that nothing was wrong with their son.

To read more visit:

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Book Tells Tale of Life in The Sheehan home

More than four years after Barbara Sheehan fired 11 shots into her husband, Raymond Sheehan Sr., inside their Howard Beach home, the couple’s children have released a book telling their side of the story.

The book, “In Bed With the Badge: the Barbara Sheehan Story,” hit shelves Tuesday, July 17. The story is told through the point of view of Jennifer Sheehan Joyce and Raymond Sheehan Jr., about what it was like growing up in the Sheehan home.

Their mother, Barbara, was acquitted in the 2008 murder of Sheehan, a retired NYPD officer who was reported to have been physically and emotionally abusive to Barabara and the children. She still faces five years in prison, however, on a second degree weapons conviction which she and her lawyers are in the process of appealing.

Jennifer and Raymond Sheehan Jr., who were 21 and 18 at the time of the shooting, respectively, both took the stand in defense of their mother at the 2011 trial and confirmed her reports that the retired police sergeant had been abusive.

Raymond Jr. said writing the book was intended to help those living in a broken or abusive home get out before it was too late.

“I think [the book] will help other victims of domestic violence see what the warning signs are and it will help them get out early,” he said at the family’s home. “Especially if they’re in danger. I think that was the main idea.”

He went on to reaffirm that the tome elaborated on their testimony in court.

“I hope it will reinforce the idea that none of us was lying and everything we told was the truth,” the now 22-year-old said. “These were all the stories and stuff and they can really see what we went through and how bad it was.”

Raymond Jr. added that while he didn’t think the book would bring closure, the Sheehans had been doing better than they had been.

Niall MacGiollabhui, Barbara Sheehan’s lawyer, said he had filed an appeal of the weapons conviction and was waiting for a response from the prosecution.

“We’re praying and hope that we win the appeal,” Raymond Jr. said.

— Additional Reporting by Philip Hertling

Order your copy of In Bed with the Badge on Amazon today!

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Barbara Sheehan News Links

Barbara Sheehan was recently sentenced to five years in prison for Illegal Possession of a fire arm, she was acquitted of murdering her husband, former NYPD Police Sergeant, Raymond Sheehan in October. She is now seeking to file an appeal.

Check out the various States that are covering Barbara Sheehan:

New York State & City Coverage:

Huffington Post, Associated Press, Reuters:

National Coverage:

& much more…..

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Self-Defense Killer Barbara Sheehan Tries To Cope With Life In Limbo While Awaiting Appeal

The woman who killed her abusive ex-husband got 5-year sentence; she, family and supporters carry on despite ruling they find unfair

JAMES FORDPIX11.com6:11 p.m. EST, November 10, 2011

The life of Barbara Sheehan, the woman acquitted of murdering her abusive husband, is in limbo while she awaits her appeal on a lesser charge, criminal weapons possession, to which she was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday.

“Plaxico Burress gets in and out,” Sheehan’s attorney Michael Dowd said after the sentencing, comparing his client to the New York Jets wide receiver. “She’ll have to do five years before she’s able to get out!”

Dowd expressed his outrage by comparing Burress’s two-year sentence for knowingly bringing a loaded gun that fired to a crowded nightclub with the five year sentence Judge Barry Kron handed down to the Old Howard Beach mother of two who shot her ex-cop husband Raymond in self-defense three years ago, following 17 years of testified domestic violence.

The reaction to Barbara Sheehan’s sentence was visible also on the faces of her two dozen or so family members and supporters who came to Queens Supreme Court on Thursday. Most of her supporters were affiliated with the anti-domestic violence organization STEPS to End Family Violence. They filled half the courtroom, and most of them wore purple ribbons or purple clothing, the color they associate with domestic violence awareness. Their hopeful demeanor before and during the hearing contrasted with how they looked outside of court afterward.

In fact, the gray, overcast day was consistent with the mood of Sheehan’s family and supporters. Her sister, Robin Catanzarite, was visibly stunned by the notion that when Barbara Sheehan goes before an appeals judge, he or she will now have to take into account the five-year sentence of the lower court in making their appeal decision.

The judge’s official sentencing statement in court even mentioned the support Sheehan gets from her close family. PIX11 News asked her brother, Michael Henry, what he thought of that on-the-record endorsement of their support. His reaction was terse. “I just have no comment at this time,” he said. He and the rest of Barbara Sheehan’s family are under orders from her legal team to not talk with news media.

Instead, the hugs and kisses shared by Sheehan’s family outside of court spoke of their closeness. In fact, her relatives have mortgaged five of their properties as collateral for Barbara Sheehan’s $1million bail. The family continues to rely on that closeness while awaiting the next step.

“The entire process may be up to a year, nine months to a year,” Niall MacGiollabhui, a member of Sheehan’s defense team, told PIX11 News regarding the length of time it will take for Sheehan’s appeal to actually go before a judge.

In the interim, Sheehan will remain at home in Old Howard Beach, with her family, who all live nearby. As close as she is to her family, their presence will be as important as ever as she fights against a future made up of years in prison.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ON WPIX11: Barbara Sheehan On What Happened The Day Of The Shooting

Watch Barbara Sheehan’s Exclusive Interview with WPIX11 (NY). Click on link below.
By : Kirstin Cole / @colekirstin

“I know I’m safe now.
I can go to bed at night, and put my head on my pillow and not worry about what
will happen.”

Barbara will be sentenced in two weeks for possessing the
gun she used in the shooting, but should remain free on bail through her appeal,
which could take a year. The department of education, where she is a secretary,
has notified her they will fire her since she is now a convicted felon. She’s
hopeful she will win the appeal, and ultimately her job back. Despite all those
obstacles, she’s thankful, and hopeful. Tomorrow at 5, she shares how she’s
rebuilding her life by trying to make other lives better.

Barbara Sheehan
has become the unintended poster child for Domestic Violence.  Her story grabbed
national headlines after she was found clutching two guns on her Howard Beach
living room floor, admitting she’d shot her retired cop husband in the family

The story that was revealed during her murder trial was heart
wrenching–a woman who’d been abused for 17 years by a man who was obsessed by
twisted sexual fantasies.

For the first time since she beat the murder
charge and went away for nearly 2 weeks to Riker’s Island Jail, Barbara Sheehan
is telling her story exclusively to PIX 11.

“I knew I needed to do
something. I knew the end was near I knew he was going to kill me,” Barbara
Sheehan can now state matter-of-factly.

The mother of two is weaning
herself off anxiety medicine, and sleeping pills, the hangover from years of
panic attacks as she coped with the aftermath of shooting her husband.

all ended in February, 2008 with 2 guns, 11 bullets, and Barbara being the only
one to walk away.  24 years of marriage for Ray and Barbara Sheehan came to this
explosive conclusion after years of abuse according to Barbara.

She had
married her high school sweetheart at just 22, despite seeing early warning
signs. “He was very possessive of my time, didn’t want me to go out with my
friends,” recounts Barbara of their early dates.  But they reunited after a
break up and eventually wed.  And once married, more clues slipped in once Ray
started to slap her around

“He came from an abusive home.  He was abused,
verbally, emotionally, physically,” all at the hands of his mother.  Soon as a
child he was venting his silent rage on animals.

“That’s another first
sign of an abuser.  Another sign to get out if people are telling you how they
abused animals as a child,” said Barbara and eventually he turned all that anger
on her.

She sums it up in one terrible sentence.  “It was a house of
Horrors,” she says.

The violence escalated after their second child, son
Raymond, was born.  But Barbara never told anyone, never
called 9-1-1,

“He’d hit me with the receiver and say go ahead and call
them, you think they’re going to take a police report from a sergeant, you think
they’re going to believe you?” taunted Ray, according to Barbara.

a cop he knew where to put the bruises.  On your back, the top parts of your
arms on top part of your legs, places where people don’t see them.”

still bears the scar from having her head split open and stitched up after Ray
smashed her head against a hotel room wall while on a Jamaican vacation. Ray
would blame Barbara for the cuts bruises, calling her a clumsy.  And Barbara’s
shame pushed her to secrecy as well.  “You learn how to cover things up.  You
don’t see them for a week while the black eye is healing.  You have a cold, you
can’t come out.  You wear a turtleneck because you have marks on your neck,” she

The relationship took its ultimate violent turn for the
worse once Barbara stumbled on Ray’s true secret while on the family

Barbara recounted, I would log on and these people would start
talking to me.  Originally I thought it was a woman he was having an affair with
but then there was no woman.  He went with transvestites.  He would meet up with
these young people he would dress up as a woman; they would dress up as a
woman.  He wanted to act as a baby; I don’t even know what it was called.
Infantilism?  He was into that, wearing diapers.  I knew for years.  It had been
at least 10 years since we had any sex,” Barbara spelled it all out.

knew all the dirty nasty little sexual secrets that he was embarrassed by that
he was shamed by?” asked reporter Kirstin Cole, “You think that’s part of the
reason why you had to go?”

“I knew too much,” said

Barbara’s most basic instincts kicked in, and sent her a
message. “I could see and sense he was losing his mind, he was losing control of
himself and it was going to end and he was definitely going to kill me,” she
says ominously.

The District Attorney’s office tried desperately to prove
Barbara manufactured the abuse allegations, trying to discredit her own
testimony as well as that of her children who witnessed so much of the abuse,
and friends who vouched for the cuts, bruises and verbal abuse.  Ultimately, the
jury believed Barbara and that she was justified in shooting her husband in self

The scenario she describes is all symptomatic of domestic
violence.  It happens behind closed doors; victims are silent and are so scared
the abuser may hurt other family members they often choose to suffer in silence,
as Barbara did.


Copyright © 2011, WPIX

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Barbara Sheehan, Acquitted Of Murder After Shooting Former Police Sergeant Husband Raymond Sheehan 11 Times, May Post Bail Thursday On Weapons Possession Conviction « CBS New York

Barbara Sheehan, Acquitted Of Murder After Shooting Former Police Sergeant Husband Raymond Sheehan 11 Times, May Post Bail Thursday On Weapons Possession Conviction « CBS New York.

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